Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Wife is Having an Affair!

My Wife is Having an Affair, Actually, it was my idea :-)

Every now and then -- I have to addmit it to myself -- I have a brilliant idea. Like the chaos coefficient, or not drinking any more tequila after that one time.

I mean, you know. It's like this. We've been together for one long time. We're both busy, you grow apart, you love each other but you don't have time for each other, all that stuff. What often happens in a case like that?

Yep, wife/husband cheats!

So I suggested we have an affair with each other.

Think about it: Far more efficient than two separate affairs. Above all, saves nerves, no guilt feelings etc. But we're keeping it a secret, see, so it still has that sneaky element. Well, not 100% secret, since I'm revealing it to the entire world here I suppose, but secret from the kids and our parents, who normally do the babysitting. So now we'll just have to do a little overtime now and then, if you know what I mean.

We tried it out last night, went out for a drink. Had a great time. So far so good and the sex was great.